Person in Glower Bed

Arina’s Journey

Arina’s love for gardening and soil developed during her childhood as a young girl on a farm in Swellendam.

She first studied Social Work at Stellenbosch University and thereafter B.Mus Opera. Married life with 3 children and living in Secunda with its merciless clay ground contributed to Arina studying horticulture and landscaping as offered by Andrew Balfour.

Her love of gardening laid the foundation for gardening clubs and training. Her gardening schools are active in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West, Free State and Western Cape.

Arina, an avid student, still spends at least 2 hours daily researching soil, plants, new methods, techniques and ideas while putting them to test in her own garden. Practical experience serves as the cornerstone for her success.

Human illnesses and other conditions guided her research towards the link between human and soil wellness.  The link forms the base for her organic vegetable gardening classes, ensuring that all the necessary nutrients and antioxidants are present in our foods once again.